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Latest comic 'STAIN' in stock!

Made as the final project for school, STAIN is my passion project full of action and plottwists, and readable for everyone as it has no text! You can see some of the pages in my gallery, but for the full experience you can buy it for €15!

Leave a message or email me at marsu.oos@hotmail.nl if you're interested!

Summary of the comic:

"Stain is about a world divided into three colors; red, yellow and blue. Every color has it’s own area and own inhabitants. They’re kept separated from each other, and so aren’t used to each others colors. There’s also people like the protagonist, who have more than one color. People like him aren’t allowed in this divided world because they cause chaos and confusion among the strictly divided areas.

The story focuses on the journey of the protagonist, who is fed up with hearing he has to conform himself to just one color everytime, and goes looking for another way to be himself, meanwhile chased by a tenacious agent who wants nothing more than to have his sort behind bars. But this pursuit and all the stunts that come from it have unforeseen consequenses..."

STAIN has 41 pages

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